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BridgeSailing is Denmark's new family experience which gives guests a maritime nature experience as well as a special sightseeing experience at one of Denmark's many iconic bridges. In 2021, the main focus is on the Great Belt.
BridgeSailing offers skippers and shipping companies a unique opportunity to franchise themselves into a concept where the skipper only has to think about giving the guests a good experience. The rest of the customer journey as well as marketing is handled centrally by BridgeSailing.

The management of BridgeSailing comes both from the maritime industry and with a background in the experience industry.

Franchisor at BridgeSailing

Are you a skipper on a ship or do you own several ships that are approved for tour sailing or can be approved for tour sailing, then you can contact BridgeSailing to be assessed and approved to be part of the concept.

Benefit from being a franchisor:
  • Part of a common platform with marketing, booking and payment.
  • Customer management before and after the trip.
  • Individually tailored trip planning.
  • Administrative staff who take care of the customer journey.

Franchisors must deliver:
  • Ship(s) complying with applicable law.
  • Follow and live up to BridgeSailing's guidelines.
  • Ensure the good guest experience.

Cash flow and settlement for BridgeSailing

Cash flow and settlement for BridgeSailing:

All booking and cash flow goes through BridgeSailing's platform. Le:

  • Handling of booking.
  • Handling communication to the guests.
  • Handling of cancellations.
  • Handling the disbursement of money to the franchisee
  • The franchisee will not handle money, and will be equipped with tools to handle guests who show up for departure without booking.

Settlement for BridgeSailing:

In low season, a weekly list of guests will be published (Friday to Thursday) and an immediate payout will be made each Friday to the franchisee. In high season, June - August, lists will be published daily with immediate payout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Become a BridgeSailor

If you are curious and would like to know more, please contact us without obligation. We are looking forward to hear from you. Maybe you're our next skipper in BridgeSailing.

Lars Karlsen
Head of Partnerships

Thomas Bjørn-Lüthi
Head of Product