Arrive in advance

The Bridgesailing.dk ships are located at a quay in the harbor. Therefore, for you as guests it can sometimes take time to find your ship. All ships are marked with a large bridgesailing.dk beach flag.

As there can be between 20-50 guests on each sailing trip, it must be expected that boarding can take time as we check all bookings when boarding.


We recommend that guests arrive 20-30 minutes before departure time.


At each BridgeSailing departure point, there are different parking options. As we sail from port areas and most often from smaller towns, there is usually always free parking or paid parking close to the departure point. Bridgesailing.dk is not responsible for your parking.

In some of the car parks there are chargers for electric cars. It is your own responsibility to check the parking time and charge price in advance.

  Departure time

The departure time is the time for which time has been booked. Therefore, the time shown on the ticket is the expected departure.

  Arrival by public transport

Under destinations you can read more about possible public transport for arrival at your BridgeSailing ship.

  Disabled people

The Bridgesailing.dk ships are most often old ships in the form of fishing cutters, wooden ships and others. Therefore, there are no special considerations for people with a disability. If you are planning a trip, we encourage you to contact Bridgesailing.dk at contact@bridgesailing.dk where we can have a dialogue about what possibilities there might be on one of the connected ships.

  Forgotten Items

Forgotten items are handed over to the captain of the ship. You are always welcome to contact us at contact@bridgesailing.dk so we can ask the captain if your property is there.


We regularly hand over forgotten items to the local police station.


It is NOT allowed to bring any kind of pets on bridgesailing.dk trips. This applies to, but is not limited to, dogs and cats.