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Storebælt Camping og Feriecenter.


M/S Hanne Berit will be sailing exclusively for the Aqtive Days event on July 3rd, from Storebælt Camping og Feriecenter. Embark on an exclusive experience next to the world's third largest suspension bridges. A unique experience of the Great Belt's nature and the Great Belt Bridge's beautiful architecture. We have all tried to drive over the bridge, but sailing under the bridge is a completely unique and special experience.


About M/S Hanne Berit

Hanne Berit was built in 1945, at the South Harbor shipyard, and is in a series of 5 ships for the navy. Hanne Berit was delivered under the name Ertholm to the navy right after the war, which was used for my ironing in Greenland, but the navy changed plans and the ship never got over there. On the other hand, the ship was used for various tasks in inland Danish waters, such as the Great Belt with sea rescue maritime surveillance and other military tasks. The ship was bought by the navy in 1980 and named Hanne Berit and rebuilt for angling and touring.


Rules on board M / S Hanne-Berit
At all times, guests must follow the instructions of the captain and crew.
The following are prohibited:
· STAYS IN THE STEERING HOUSE ARE PROHIBITED in bad weather and when sailing in the dark
· NOISY BEHAVIOR (Shouting, whistling & running) on ​​the deck is Prohibited, (as it can be confused with MAN OVER TABLE)
· INDEPENDENT consumption of SPIRITUS, as well as dispensing STRONG drinks to persons under 18 years is prohibited
· STAYS in the engine room are prohibited
· Bringing fishing equipment
· The anguish of seasickness should be poured OVER THE SIDE, and not on the WC or in the SALON.
· BOARDING and from Tables must take place at the designated PLACE and only with PERMISSION from the crew
QUESTIONS OF DOUBT Regarding: rules, stay and sailing are directed to SKIPPER or THE SHIPOWNER The company's liability for damages ceases if the RULES are not complied with. In general, compensation can only be sought if there is negligence on the part of the crew or the shipping company. In addition, reference is made to the Company's general Insurance provisions.
Weather and cancellations
It is always in the skipper's right to assess on the spot whether a trip should be canceled or completed in the given weather conditions. In case of cancellation, guests will automatically be offered rebooking or a refund of their tickets. are trips that take place on open water, therefore wind and weather conditions can have a determination for whether a trip is completed or not. Therefore, can at any time cancel a trip min. 10 hours before departure. This is done via email and text message to the ticket holder. In this case, automatically get offered rebooking or a refund of their tickets.
Safety on board
The ship is covered by ISM «International Safety Management». The ship was first certified according to this system when it was introduced in 1997. During the voyage, guests are insured by the company's hull and liability insurance, according to current rules for up to DKK 5,000,000 in personal injury. However, claims for compensation can only be made against the shipping company if there is negligence or failure on the part of the crew. Injuries, such as falls due to swinging, injuries with fishing tackle or knives, for example during cleaning of fish, etc., are referred to people's own leisure and accident insurance. On board there are safety instructions and possibly. questions will be answered by the crew.
Safety at SEA
The ship is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for sailing with anglers and guests in Danish waters. The boat is inspected once a year. Both hull, machine and equipment meet the very strict safety requirements. The boat is manned with qualified crew according to current rules and requirements and equipped with, among other things, life rafts which are accidentally triggered and come to the surface. Life jackets for everyone on board. Please note, however, that these are not handed out for use on the trip. These are packed in marked boxes on the deck and may only be used in emergencies. For children under 14 years of age, there will be access to handing out vests.
Insurance and approvals:
During the stay on board, passengers will be covered by the ship's normal insurances. It must be pointed out, however, that compensation can only be raised if it can be demonstrated that the damage was caused by waste on the part of the crew, and thus not by ordinary damage, where e.g. you have cut yourself on a knife or you have fallen by yourself, etc. Theft or lost property can not be replaced. In general, the liability of the shipping company ceases when the ship is abandoned. The ship is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and meets all the requirements for Danish angling vessels, e.g. rescue equipment, pay height, etc.

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